The Yardbirds - Live´n´rare (1965/68)

Some rare vinyl covers...thats all.

Great quality, bluesy repertoire, psychy & garage.
Well, quite a mix!


The Bomber said...

Passw: mza-garage.blogspot.com

Aldoux said...

Fantastic post man. I´ve always loved The Yardbirds, one of the best and most in much influential bands ever. Thank you very much!!!.

JeanBernardFrance said...

Great selection of very good quality tracks from the Yardbirds.
Thanks Pablo.

Javier said...

Se oye estupendo. Gracias Pablo por el post y tambièn por los anteriores. Un placer como siempre asomarse a tu blog. Un abrazo.

anyonesdaughter said...

i totally agree, the yardbirds are just THE group of all the time! i painted a portrait of the page/beck lineup and put it in my room, so i look at these giants all the time.
thanks a lot!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Yardbirds! Is there something wrong with the .rar file? When I unpacked it, all I got was the following tracks:

yardbirds - rare concerts (1965-68) - 02 - mister, you're a better man than i (anderson theatre)

yardbirds - rare concerts (1965-68) - 03 - dazed and confused (anderson theatre)

yardbirds - rare concerts (1965-68) - 09 - i'm a man (anderson theatre)

yardbirds - rare concerts (1965-68) - 13 - dust my broom (london)

yardbirds - rare concerts (1965-68) - 14 - scratch my back (london)

yardbirds - rare concerts (1965-68) - 15 - over under sideways down (london)

yardbirds - rare concerts (1965-68) - 16 - sun is shining (london)

yardbirds - rare concerts (1965-68) - 17 - shapes of things (london)

Seems I'm missing a few tracks inbetween.

Thanks for a great blog.

unkerz said...

Me too missing tracks!!!

The Bomber said...

nope guys, just a few songs on this one...no missing tracks.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Bomber for the clairification on the Yardbird tracks. Great blog too!


Zeno said...

Fantastic one :) I'm very happy to hear some Yardbirds live recordings.. It's so hard to find any. Many thanks Pablo :]

Anonymous said...

Fuck fucking YOU and your fucked up blog. If you don't want to run it anymore then take it DOWN. Your ten minutes of laziness cost TEN MILLION PEOPLE ten minutes of grief.

The Bomber said...

Hi there ! nice to meet you man ! hope you have a nice day too !