Paul Revere & The Raiders: Just like us (1966)

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Although Just like Us! was Paul Revere & the Raiders' fourth album overall, it marked a number of firsts. It was their first album to appear since they had become TV stars (and therefore AM radio staples and teenage magazine heartthrobs, especially Mark Lindsay) as a result of Where the Action Is; it was their first album to be produced entirely by Terry Melcher, a powerful influence and significant contributor to their sound; it was their first Top Ten album and their first to go gold. Actually, it's only a gradual development from their previous album, the half-live (in the studio) Here They Come! The group still had a tough R&B edge and still favored R&B covers like "Night Train," "Doggone," and, by way of England, "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" and "I'm Crying." (Melcher was already steering a stylistic course for The Raiders between The Rolling Stones and the Animals.) Even the two hit singles, "Steppin' Out" and "Just like Me," were intense, bluesy rockers. Unlike later albums, Just like Us! highlighted the whole band — guitarist Drake Levin, bassist Phil "Fang" Volk, and drummer Mike Smith each took turns on lead vocals. (That would change as Lindsay's profile rose in the band.) Each was competent and entertaining, but Just like Us! was still an album by a group feeling its way from the dancehall circuit to the different and more creative demands of mass popularity.

THIS IS JUST ... AN AMAZING ALBUM... REALLY ... IT`S PRICELESS ! ! ! ... Great songs, one of their best for me... yes including "baby please don´t go" , one of the best versions ever recorded ... 10 POINTS FOR ME - masterpiece album.



Anonymous said...

Ya este lo tenía. Un gran disco. Gracias!

Pretty_Thing said...

Todo el material de PR & the R es fantástico (al menos hasta 1970-71). Muy buen post !!! Felicitaciones.

henry said...

i know this album - and this band - wow, i had this on vinyl a long time ago, and really did listen to it a lot. Some great music out out by these guys. Great choice!

jmmv54 said...

hola Pablo, gracias por éste aporte, excelente como la mayoría de lo que subes. A ti te debo muchos momentos auditivos felices.
juan manuel

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You bloggers are saving my life, with these wonderful releases! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Gracias gracias gracias!!!

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yehe...thank you for visiting!
thats why we are here...to share the beauty of musiq!


KDNYfm said...

The Raiders were my favorite band at the time of these albums. Just Like Me was a stellar song. It'll be nice to hear thi whole album again for the first time in a LOOOONG time! Thanx