The Standells: Try it (1967)

ALBUM REVIEW (cazorla)
Ok here we have an amazing album, a trully masterpiece. A full garage classic, its said that this is their greatest record... to me it`s just another piece of the great work that the Standells leave us... including In person at P.J.'s, Dirty water, Hot ones & Why pick on me/Sometimes good guys dont wear white. Ok a trully classic, with great songs like "trip to paradaise", the great and melancholic version of "St James Infirmary", a classic like "barracuda", "did you ever have that feeling". You can realize the great capacity of not only good and strong songs... but great lyrics too ! in this case..."poor shell of a man". And the classic "Riot on Sunset Strip".

From Geoc
Try it (1968) - Their last album, this contained possibly their best moment ever, the single Try it which after being banned by most radio stations because of it's suggestive lyrics failed to chart. Later re-releases also include their last single Animal girl.

The Standells' final studio album is a mixed effort, despite the outstanding title track. The early Pink Floyd-like "All Fall Down," "Barracuda," and especially "Riot on Sunset Strip" are top-notch pop-punk, but the record is weighed down by some ill-chosen soul covers and some weak pop material.



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amazing, have it on vinyl.

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vinyl version, only 10 tracks

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