The Standells: Why pick on me (1966)

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The Standells had two more top 40 records, "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White" and "Why Pick On Me". However, neither achieved the success of "Dirty Water". They were also featured in the motion picture Riot On Sunset Strip, in which they performed the hard driving theme song of the same name. Over the years, the band's relationship with Ed Cobb began to become more-and-more dictatorial, allowing them less and less input into their music. Cobb attempted to change their sound into Blue-eyed soul, with such songs as "Can't Help But Love You" and "Ninety Nine and a Half". The band recorded a total of five albums, including "Standells in Person at PJ's", "Dirty Water", "Why Pick on Me - Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White", "The Hot Ones", and "Try It". The latter, contained the song of the same name which embroiled them in controversy and perhaps solidified their punk image, while at the same time aiding in their demise. "Try It" exhibited a return to the group's raw and raunchy sound. It was considered by many to be the group's comeback hit record. However, it was banned by reactionary Texan radio chain mogul Gordon McLendon, a Christian fundamentalist, who considered the song's lyrics to be obscene. Actually the lyrics by today's standards were pretty tame. Even though the record was the number one seller in many markets, including Los Angeles, most of the radio stations followed McLendon's lead and refused to play it. The group even debated the Texan on Art Linkletter's Let's Talk TV show, and by most accounts defeated him handily by pointing out his hypocrisy. But it was all to no avail. The song died and so did the group's popularity and hopes of another hit record.

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Why pick on me/Sometimes good guys dont wear white (1966) - Named after the two singles pulled from this album, it was a strong follow-up from Dirty water, but for some reasons still failed to reach the charts. Strongest moments are without doubt the Cobb-penned Have you ever spent the night in jail, and the two title tracks.

This pop-punk relic isn't bad, but as the best of these songs — "Why Pick on Me," "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White," "Mainline" — have been issued on whatever best-of Standells compilation you might pick up, its appeal is really limited to big fans. Of the more obscure tracks, "Black Hearted Woman" is a decent slow, menacing number, "Mr. Nobody" a decent punky cut, and "The Girl and the Moon" one of their best pop-oriented compositions. This CD reissue adds five tracks that were previously unissued in the U.S., which are okay but nothing too special.

Ok so we have an album with a lot of great covers like "my little red book" and "paint it black", some experimental work and nice touches of garage. Not that wild in comparisson of the other albums.


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