Hey...take a look

A friend has started a new blog (which is great by the way)
Beat music, classic rock, garage, beat and more...
Spanish reviews and also you can use the translator (for the international visitors)
Visit this blog and of course... leave comments.


Roadrunner said...

Que Sorpresa..!!!.No habia entrado todavia , muchas gracias Pablo ; de verdad..tratare de hacer las cosas bien jajaja , un buen gesto..!!

Maximiliano said...

La pĂ gina del correcaminos, no puedo mas que recomendarla.
Un gran saludo.

Anonymous said...


Sixtie Lover

Anonymous said...

Thanks, it's good

Angus said...

yes..!! very good,TKS

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody.
i don't know what to do for entry in this blog....thanks.
Giuseppe from Italy.

Pablo Cazorla (aka The Bomber) said...

check the latest comments
and try to get in touch with RR