V.A.: Cowabunga! Set 1: Ground Swells (1960/63)

Massive, though not quite definitive, four-CD, 82-track box set of surf music. The first three discs are devoted to material from the genre's '60s prime, and the fourth devoted to revivalists from 1977 to 1995. Most listeners are still better off with the several excellent single-disc surf compilations available (the best of which, like this one, are on Rhino). If your interest runs very deep, this should satisfy, placing most of the emphasis on instrumentals rather than vocals (though significant efforts in the latter vein by the Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, and others are included). It has most of the big hits, and quite a few of the ones which were principally popular in Southern California, as well as some neat rarities that are hard to find anywhere, like the Illusions' storming "Jezebel," and the Surfmen's "Paradise Cove," the Latin-surf hybrid of Dave Myers's "Moment of Truth," the Sandals' "Theme From Endless Summer," and the Sunrays' pale Beach Boys Xerox, "I Live for the Sun." The fourth disc of modern-day revivalists, alas, was probably unnecessary in the minds of everyone except the compilers; it's the first three that really deal with the heart of the matter, with voluminous annotation in the 66-page booklet.

B. Billycan drop the idea about having this box... and why not? ( this is the 1st cd, be patient, the others coming soon ! ! ! )
Give a try to this first part of the box, that contains songs from the early 60s.
A must for all those surf music lovers ! ! ! (f-b-in artwork, but not the complete booklet).
20 songs to ride some waves yeah...(in the other hand, little sad...hearing about R. Wright-R.I.P.)



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Adam Gott said...

Am I the only one that can't download these things any more? I have tried linking from the exact blog post URL and linking from the main blog and I get bounced by link protector every time.

Too bad, I really wanted this set too. It used to work for me until about two months ago.

Adam Gott said...

I guess it is a firefox thing (probably with the latest version 3.0). The link works for me in IE but I am not going to keep opening the browser and going through all of that hassle. Link-Protector should fix their broken crap.

Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...

Hi Adam G.
well,the trouble here can be the latest version, or perhaps your antivirus or any firewall or something, try to disable them.
Yes, ive never heard complains about link protector of all the users, here or in the mza-acid blog.
All the troubles comes with the firewalls, antivirus or the special stuff that you have installed in your computer.

Let me know if anything happens.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that link man...
it was told that the whole set will be post here at 320 with the artwork


Brandonio! said...

if you want the whole box set at 320kps you go to my site.http://rockisdeadrip.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

hi do you have the rokes "ma che mondo strano" and something about the rockin' berries?

Anonymous said...

Thanks mate... Nice work.

Mick From Oz.