MC5: Thunder Express (Us,1972,Amazing Boot)

Tracks 1 to 7 recorded "one day live in the Studio" at Herouville Castle, March 1972. Ok, so, this is how the MC5 sounded live. Raw, furious, crude, fast... amazing versions of "ramalamafafafa", "kick out the jams" and "moto city is burning" ! ! ! yeah... Incredible!.


As the years went by, however, MC5's influence expanded; punk, hard rock, and power pop all clearly reflected the band's impact and by the 1990s, they were the subject of a steady stream of reissues and rarities packages. Following the band's demise, its members pursued new projects: Tyner released several solo records and also earned acclaim for his photography before suffering a fatal heart attack on September 17, 1991. Smith, meanwhile, formed Sonic's Rendezvous with fellow Detroit music legend Scott Morgan, issuing the underground classic "City Slang" in 1977 before leaving the group; in 1980 he wed Patti Smith, dying of heart failure on November 4, 1994.

LINK: RamalamaFAFAFAAA ! ! ! ...


Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...

Passw: mza-garage.blogspot.com

(still searching for the Kubas single)

angeloso said...

gracias por compartir este disco, hace mucho tiempo que lo llevaba buscando.... me encanta el tratamiento que le dan a sus canciones high energy!!!


Bruce Bad Trip said...




We've added a Garage Music link

madamparanecia said...

Maravilloso este discazo!!!una de mis bandas imprescindibles..Divinos y contundentes..mencanta la cover del Can only give you everything..pa no parar de bailar!!!

sweetbeats™ said...

Cool Blog looking forward to hearing this later,
thanks for Sharing.

Regards Jason

dk said...

Love this album!