Les Sinners: Vox Populi (Can, 1968)

This French Canadian act from Montreal, Quebec, made three good punk/psych albums and played between 1966-70. The origins of the band go back to 1965 when Guy, Lintton and Parizeau formed a rock'n'roll band called The Silver Spiders. After two months they became Les Sinners. Later in 1968 Guy departed to form La Revolution Français. It proved short-lived, but he went on to form a further trio with Jay Brown and Jean-Guy Durocher before departing to go solo with the Montreal-based Pumpkin Records.

Les Sinners returned in 1970 with a new line-up (functioning mostly as a studio group). They enjoyed their only hit with Le Chante the same year. This new line-up featured singer Alan Jodoin. In 1972, they established their own studios in Montreal. Their final 1975 album featured songs in both English and French.

Only five songs from the first album were in English. Pebbles, Vol. 13 includes Nice Try, a cut from their first album. This was a fine garage-punk track with snarling vocals and good guitar work, very much in the mould of fellow Montreal act The Haunted. Vox Populi is reputedly a killer album. Most of their 45s were in French but they're listed for those of you with good French. All four albums are well worth checking out - their later work was more progressive in style.

Including extra-bonus tracks. From Canada...
More info about the band here (french)

Thanks a lot to Patroimoine PQ



Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...


S.ébastien said...

Thanks for spreading the word on Quebec's music scene, specially with "Vox Populi".

But... I'd appreciate if you were to point your readers toward my blog, Patrimoine PQ, where those photos originally came from. Thanks.


S.ébastien said...

After listening, I can also confirm that it's also Patrimoine PQ's rip.

Now I'm all about sharing and whenever Quebec's music is celebrated outside of the province is great news, but I'd appreciate a little acknowledgment...


Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...

yeah sebastien no problem
this rip was served by Cazorla not me. So, didnt know the source.
After all is about sharing.
and yes better to recognaise the job.

Mr. Trashe said...

Gracias por este, yo conocí "Nice Try" por la mejor banda de Revivak que he escuchado "The Havox", la cual esta posteada en Trashsistors.

S.ébastien said...

It was covered by a latin garage band? Outta sight!!! ; p

Thanks for the info!

gfutfy said...

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