The Kinetics: Snow Children (1967,US, also as The 5 Kinetics/Kinetic Energy)

After years of gigging, the Houghton-based rock group The Kinetics were poised on the cusp of national exposure in 1968. They had released two singles, an LP, toured extensively around the midwest and filled concert halls in Chicago.
Formed in 1963 as The Kinetic Energy, the group was led by singer Frank Gallis, who was a 'dancer' while on stage and always moving,
giving life to the name, which means energy in motion.

If you want to read the complete history about this rare band, with lots of pictures and great reviews and interviews, check rock n roll graffiti .

Produced by Fran Locatelli, the long player was titled "Snow Children." Credited to the (Five) Kinetics, the LP was issued by Recorded Publications Co., Camden, N. J., and carried the catalog number 81262.

The album's simple two-color cover features various geometric shapes, but no image of the Kinetics. That's because the cover wasn't considered important compared to the record inside which was supposed to sell the group.

An order was placed for 2,500 copies of the album, which was also sold in some Copper Country retail stores, at dances, and distributed to selected disc jockeys.



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1 I'm Blue/Feeling From My Heat (Studio City 1033) 1965

This outfit was from Michigan, although the 45 was recorded on the Minneapolis-based Studio City label. It's a rare and highly-touted punk disc. They are rumoured to have later been known as Kinetic Energy, though unconfirmed, who issued one decent hard rocking 45:

1 Susie Q/Margaret Ann (Amy 11,028) 1968

Compilation appearances have included: I'm Blue on Off The Wall, Vol. 2 (LP); and both I'm Blue and Feeling From My Heart on When The Time Run Out (LP & CD).

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this album. (Washington DC USA)

henry said...

interesting stuff. nothing that seems (to me) to be earth shaking, but very listenable and enjoyable. gotta love finding these out of the headlight bands. gracias.

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Good stuff, thanks for posting this!


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hey man thx for the tunes!

Mateus Paul said...

Sem dúvida, uma banda quente!
Tudo é alta velocidade! Versões de clássicos do 60s muito boas e rápidas!!

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palabine said...

Thank you posting this. My father, Fred LaBine, was in the Kinetics for a time and is very ill now. He was very happy to see this and the link you provided.

The Bomber said...

Uha...nice to hear from you man...hope your dad gets well...really wish that.
Fred provide us such great music, thanks & pliz let me know about his health.