The Jades of Fort Worth: Introducing the Jades (US 60`s raw garage recordings)

This lp was later released in 1982 (Cicadelic 1000)
Here you ll find lots of covers. These recordings were from 65 till 69.

A raw punk outfit from Fort Worth who were a popular local attraction in their day. Sometimes known as The Jades Of Fort Worth, their second 45 and later pressings of the third one were released under that name. Their third 45 was originally credited to Jades Of Stone. They specialised in cover versions, which they delivered in their own fiery style. On I'm Alright Gary Carpenter set a Rolling Stones song to new lyrics and the formula worked - they enjoyed a local hit. Next up was a Small Faces song and for their third and final effort they chose a Van Morrison composition.

They finally called it a day in 1969, by which time only Carpenter and McCool remained from their original line-up. For the first half of the seventies Carpenter played in a showband called Colossus, and later he recorded an album which he decided not to release. After a spell as a DJ in Fort Worth he was last heard of managing the Sound Idea stereo store in Camp Bowie.

The most comprehensive guide to their material can be found on their retrospective album.

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Batman & the other super men...please...!

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mediafire is the BEST, i grew up in ft. worth and i will go bananas if i can't get to hear these guys.

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Mateus Paul said...

The Revengers Batman & Other Super Men (1966, Songs Inspired By Batman)

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Andy Rampage said...

does this MEAN that THE JADES have gone the way Of The Dodo??

THANK YOU Mateus, for the "share"! ~looking forward to this!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much amigo!