The Blazers: On Fire (1966, US Superb Garage,R&B)

I told Maxi: "pay attention carefully to this lp."
Highly recommended, raw songs, nice balads, great rock and superb covers. Really, a great album for me.
Great versions of Have Mercy, Stand by me, Good lovin, My girl and Mustang Sally. (great cover repertoire)

Waiting to see if you notice any info more of this band or some info to add.

From Kansas City, Missouri. I Don't Need You, composed by D. Hord, is catchy garagey-beat with haunting electric piano. The Halter-composed flip is derivative saxy rockin' pop with echoes of DC5's version of Berry Gordy's Do You Love Me.

LINK: Have mercy... (leechers)


Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...


Anonymous said...

The complete tracks:
01.On fire
02.Mercy mercy mercy
03.Stand by me
04.Good lovin'
05.What a shame
06.Theme from A Summer Place
07.Mustang Sally
08.My girl
09.I had it made
10.Walk out & Leave ya
11.Around and around

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this great album. (Washington, DC USA)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all these rarities , I have so much and still I find more unknown goodies, you have a superb blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi pablo,

thank you about this album and for your excellent blog. Just one question, you have posted 2 times the same face of The Half Tribe, can you posted, please, the seconde face...thank you in advance

Anonymous said...

Hi Pablo,
Just discover your blog today (thanx RYP...), real cool one. Thanx for all the garage music !


yarps said...

Please , can you repost "Batman and other supermens " I'm looking for since years ago...Thank's a lot ...your blog is really amazing ....

Yarps SPRAY from Paris

Red Neckerson said...

Thanks Pablo! Never thought I would ever see this one! Great Blog! Thanks for keeping the spirit alive!



Anonymous said...

BuenĂ­simos los Blazers!! Muchas gracias

Steven K said...

Hi there. I just downloaded this album (thanks for posting it!), but I noticed one thing: The second comment in this thread mentions 12 tracks, but I only see 9 tracks here. Why is this? Thanks again!


esmenard.victor said...

Thank you. Another good american group.

Anonymous said...

No estoy muy puesto en garage, pero con estas referencias no puede fallar, muchas gracias, acabo de entrar en tu blog y creo que estaré un buen tiempo.

Pedro from Argentina said...

Te imploro reveas tu acitud de no volver a subir un disco, o mejor dicho un duscazo.Creo que le faltan 3 temas a tu post original.IN CON SE GUI BLE en otro lugar.

Pablo"Pochola"Cazorla said...

gracias x los comentarios.
respecto a la duda de todos, si les falta un par de tracks...yo ripee bien el vinilo, pero al convertirlos no se subieron todos los tracks...

una lastima
mas adelante quizas lo vuelvo a re subir.

Pedro from Argentina said...

Gracias por contestar y esperamos este verdadero inconseguible completo para disfrutarlo enterito.

Anonymous said...

Gracias Pablo!