Half Tribe: Only Starting (US,1965)

From the Reading, Pennsylvania area this ouffit, also known as the 'Half Tribe of Manasseh' or just 'The Tribe' left just one gloriously rare vinyl artifact - (no 45s traced) - of decent garage music featuring mainly covers - Money, Empty Heart, Malagueña, Summertime etc. Shortly after this the band would disintegrate - Hawkins and Sammis going on to form The Other Half whose LP is equally rare.

Very very rare... really really good. Dig it.



Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...



Banda americana de surf-rock y garage-rock 60’s, principalmente instrumental, cuyas composiciones recuerdan a gente como Trashmen, Lively Ones, Surfaris, The Darts, Centurions o Astronauts.
La formación, creada a comienzos de la década y llamada en principio “Half Tribe of Mannesseh”, procedía de la localidad de Reading, en Pennsylvania. Estaba compuesta por el cantante Nick Hilton, el guitarrista líder J. M. Garroutte, el guitarra rítmico Dick Zacher, el bajista John Hawkins y el batería Dick Sammis.

La habilidad instrumental del grupo, especialmente la de sus guitarristas Garroutte y Zacher, era más que notable pero su carencia de talento creativo les llevó a la disolución después de grabar el Lp “Only Startin’” (1964), un álbum reeditado en los años 80 en el cual se encontraba la versión “Malagueña” (Malaguena para ellos), el clásico del cubano Ernesto Lecuona incluido en la suite “Andalucía” que fue versionado por multitud de bandas y solistas como los Trashmen, Ritchie Valens o Chet Atkins.
Otros cortes del disco eran “Surf Battle”, canción de los Lively Ones, “San Jose” o “Baja”, el famoso tema escrito por Lee Hazlewood que fue versionado también por Astronauts, Trashmen, Ventures e incluso por el zeppeliano John Paul Jones.

henry said...

very nice. nothing earth shattering in my mind, but good surfy/garage sound. much appreciated.

esmenard.victor said...

Thank you very much. How could we get such obscurities without your help :)

The Boy and the Cloud said...

this only seven tracks. the full tracklisting should be:
Only for the young
Empty heart
Death of an angel

Come on home
Surf battle
Wine wine wine
She knows me too well
San Jose

Pedro from Argentina said...

Do not understand.What you post is an Incomplete LP according to 'theboyandthecloud'.Could not find information in internet.Can uou explain please?

Mateus Paul said...

Qual seria o nome dos sete temas que compõe o disco postado???
De fato, não há informação alguma na internet ou no "Fuzz, Acid & Flowers" da Boderline Books.

Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...

si ... no esta completo el lp Mateus... faltan un par de canciones...ya lo ire a grabar de vuelta y subir.

la info la extraje del Fuzzacid&...

Jes said...

Hawkins is my dad. The information in the link to the Other Half (in San Francisco in 1967)is incorrect. The Other Half formed by Hawkins and Sammis are not the band you are linking them to. The information in the post, the band being from Reading, Pennsylvania and the artwork are correct.

Jes said...

Name of the other band correct, but was earlier 63 or 64. I'm actually named after Hilton - it's my middle name! Jes is a nick name I try not to mention my real name but you have 3 names outta 4.

Anonymous said...

thanks, but how 'bout a tracklist,

Pablo Cazorla (a.k.a. The Bomber) said...

hi there! read the comments previously posted, there you ll find the tracklist

progrocketeer said...

Does any one know which tracks were included on his downlaod. there should be 12 songs, unfortunately most of these songs are instrumental, so hard to determine which song is which.
I have been able to figure out Money, Death of an Angel and She knows me too well, but don't know tracks 1,2,4 and 7

The Bomber said...

Hi there..apparently there was a mistake (problem) with the upload rocketeer, I have the vinyl at home, I´ll re post it as soon I return from the mountains...

Thanks for your patience.

From Russia With Love said...

This just wonderful recording!
I really enjoyed listening to it,but too bad that the album is not complete and the tracklist is impossible to identify.I hope that someday we can all hear it in its entirety.
Thanks Bomber!

Anonymous said...

A new link is possible?
Thanks from France.