The Kinks 45s #4 (UK, 1964)

All Day And All Of The Night/I Gotta Move (Pye 7N 15714)

The 45 follow-up, All Day And All Of The Night, was very much in the You Really Got Me mould, but it ensured another massive hit (No 2 UK, No 7 US).



Pablo Cazorla (a.k.a. The Bomber) said...


littledarkone said...

cheers fot the kinks singles bomber your doing a grand job

The Bomber said...

thank u little

Anonymous said...

I found a .rar that come from your mza-acid blog for Something Else by The Kinks but I cannot seem to get any variation of mza-acid.blogspot.com to work as a password. Can you advise what the password would be?

The Bomber said...



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reply, Bomber, but none of them worked. Maybe I am just not meant to get this one open! Really enjoy your site, we clearly like a lot of the same stuff.

The Bomber said...

sorry to say that I dont remember that one & I used to use those words for passw

The Bomber said...

google-it and you ll find out in lots of places ! ! !;)

snorrevonflake said...

First i want to thank you for doing this great blog, however i find the use of many different passwords (you then forget yourself like this one) not a very good thing to do. i just spent half of the weekend downloading about 98 % of your blog just to find that i cant unpack them because 2/3 of the files have different passwords - doesnt make sense to post something no one can use.

The Bomber said...

Snorrevonflake: thanks for writing for the very firs time...after getting thousands of posts.

Dont make things complicated, you only need to check in the comments section to found the passw, its easier than you think, believe me ;)

It does make sense, only 4 or 5 visitors complain about passw (of 1500 per day)...

No one can use?? mmm dont think so.

Anonymous said...

Bomber, perhaps no one complains because..
But for what it is worth this password is missing; don't worry find the Kinks elsewhere