The Kinks 45s #1 (UK, 1964)

Tall Sally/I took my baby home 1964 (Pye 7N 15611)

En 1964, el productor Shel Talmy les ficha (el mismo Talmy sería el que dos años mas tarde, también consiguiera producir a otro grupazo de los 60's, los australianos Easybeats). El batería Mick Avory sustituye a Mickey Willet, graban el clásico "Long Tall Sally" de Little Richard, en Febrero de 1964 (es en este año cuando cambian su nombre, y pasan a llamarse The Kinks).



Anonymous said...

Can't wait. Love "Something Else By..." and earlier. More importantly, I enjoy your blog. Not a huge garage fan, but I am WAY into Monks, Kinks, MC5, Link Wray. Want to contribute when I get my collection out of storage. Cheers to you & yours.

Buzzkill said...

Great news. Thanks for your efforts!

Anonymous said...

WOW. Esto realmente tiene un muy buen aroma...
Excelentes tus blogs man. Gracias por compartir la musica,tu musica,etc.

Cant wait for more shit..!!

Pablo Cazorla (a.k.a. The Bomber) said...


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the Kinks!

Jeff said...

I love The Kinks and can't get enough of them. I have 80 of their songs in my collection, including solo tunes by both brothers Ray and Dave Davies including some outstanding material they've done in recent years. (Well....Ray's 2006 and 07 albums were outstanding. Dave's modern stuff is OK).

Don't care for their earliest songs though, when they were still calling themselves The Ravens.
Long Tall Sally is a cover of a 1950s Little Richard song. I never liked when artists remake other people's music, because it almost never works. The only exception was the enternally kinetic Joe Cocker doing a superior version of The Beatles' "With a Little Help from My Friends" in 1968. And don't forget that The Beatles remade "Long Tall Sally" too, so there ya go. :)

The other thing is that I don't understand posting 45 singles of songs that are already on the main albums and CD compilations. Your efforts are above and beyond the call of duty, Senor Pablo! :)

alienlover said...

I've learnt so much about garage from this site, no wonder why it's my top favourite garage site. Thank you a gazzilion times, you are doing mesmerizing a work here!!

Anonymous said...

really lucky
7" clean like CD


Javier said...

Impresionante, mil gracias por esta auténtica gema. Gracias Pablo.

Pablo Cazorla (a.k.a. The Bomber) said...

***liked the hot shiiieiitt???***
Lets imagine this (or picture), you are a big fan of the Kinks, perhaps not, but you like their early songs, and dont want to listen the whole lp (a trully shame! I love all their lps from the start to the very end)
and you want to listen the rip from a single, or ep or the original album, well this blog (ie) is the place. Its all about sharing you know...
I want to create a nice n warm place for the Kinks fans/lovers.
Kinks Appreciation Society lets say.

I havent heard the modern stuff of the Davies bros, so cant say too much about em. I ll give a try to some things you mention.

Thanks for visiting and leaving such interesting lines dear Jeff.


Pablo Cazorla (a.k.a. The Bomber) said...

Zeno, Alien lover, Erik & Javier, thanks a lot for the support!

Hope you enjoy more Kinkstuff.
(also Jeff, collecting the rare covers, nice pics and more...)

Jeff said...


Check out Ray Davies albums "Other People's Lives" and "Working Man's Cafe". They're great not only because of Ray's topicality (mentioning the Internet, corruption in the Bush White House, shopping malls, etc.) but musically they are a reminder that the old-time rockers can still be relevant today. Working Man's Cafe (which I saw Ray perform the title track from on David Letterman's show in early 2008) is a modern take on what made The Kinks so great: Telling stories about the struggles of ordinary people: you and me! :)

Ray's song "Peace In Our Time" about his disdain for the war in Iraq is as timeless as John Lennon's "Imagine", and personally I like it just as much (if not better). Of course Ray doesn't mention Iraq any more than Lennon said anything about Vietnam in his song, but that's what makes them timeless classics!

Mateus Paul said...

Considero uma grande idéia postar os primeiros singles (compactos) dos Kinks, uma forma de que ainda não conhece entrar em contato e ver se aprecia.
Quanto a banda fazerem covers de temas conhecidos, não vejo nem um problema quando o resultado é bacana! E se pensarmos nas bandas 60s a maioria gravava os mesmos temas, evidente que muitas vezes o resultado não é bom, ou soa repetitivo, mas também não se pode desprezar que isto constituiu a cena do rock 60s.
Agradeço ao Pablo pelos post, embora já tenha toda a discografia dos Kinks!

Pablo Cazorla (a.k.a. The Bomber) said...

Thanks for your support Mateus, thats what I want to do, a fresh up of their early stuff, sharing different rips and covers, in a few words, more stuff to those who dont know the band and the collectors/fans.