The Creation - Midway Down (UK, 1968)

The Creation made far more impact on the Continent, where two albums were issued, than in the UK. Both albums are good, containing many of their singles and other strong material such as Hey Joe, Nightmares and Can I Join Your Band?:-
'Can I join your band
I'm a hippy guy
Always stoned
And eight miles high'
(from Can I Join Your Band?)
-Vernon J. source-


The Bomber said...


Roadrunner said...

Sin comentarios este post?,este este fue un gran simple..Visitantes deben revertir la actitud de no comentar y más aún si se trata de The Creation.

Andy Rampage said...

"YEAAA!! more "CREATION" courtesy: THE BOMBER!!"

The Bomber said...

Y si viejo, a la espera de que mas gente se sume a la movida...


Dear Andy ! long time no see !