V.A. - Fuzz Guitars Garage Beats Vol. 2

The cover is not that good...the musiq is beauuuutifuuuu(zzz)l.

As I said once:
Can you say fuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?


hotrodmike said...

I never heard most of this but it is pretty cool.Should be a fun addition.Thanks for posting!

The Bomber said...

yes yes, a good one Mike !

Anonymous said...

thanks for this. is there a vol 1? also looking forward to the n.j. & new orleans comps.

melica said...

Thanks for the post! I always like Japanese garage.

Roadrunner said...

Como diria Gino Renni...ASSASSINOOO!!

The Bomber said...

Hi there!
I like nipon garage too!
I dont have vol 1 ..yet! sorry.

RR cito a Stanshall:
“Once I was a forty pound weakling. Now I am two separate gorillas.”

Tin Soldier said...

Awesome blog, great job!

The Ox said...

really good one! love that side of beethoven!!!