The Riot Squad (UK, 1965/67)

This Liverpool band underwent several personnel changes in their three year career and enjoyed quite a prolific 45 output, though no commercial success. They were usually a six-piece and their music was predominantly beat and R&B. Mitch Mitchell (later of Georgie Fame and The Blue Flames and The Jimi Hendrix Experience) was one of their drummers and Jon Lord was their keyboard player after leaving The Artwoods and prior to forming Deep Purple. David Bowie was also a member for a brief period in '65, although he didn't take part in any of their recordings, and has only been connected with the band via a publicity shot from the period... Aside from these subsequent prestigious associations their other claim to fame was to have appeared on a couple of episodes of 'Emergency Ward 10' - not playing their songs, though!

All of their 45s are now minor collectables. Cry Cry Cry and I Take It That We're Through were Joe Meek productions. Curiously, another Meek produced track, How Is It Done was later ripped off almost note for note and word for word as No Life Child by Keith Dangerfield.
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Roadrunner said...

Buena banda , que fue ganando más adeptos a medida que los grupos sixties se fueron redescubriendo en los 90´. Algunas canciones son muy buenas y otras no tanto, pero en general son bastante interesantes y me gustan.Buen post como siempre,lástima que se ve empañado con la victoria de Juventud Antoniana contra el último campeón..J.Antoniana?? que es eso,una obra social?..jajajaja.Abrazo

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Hola Bomber! Very nice post. Never seen them before.


Keep the Beat,

Trolley said...

anyone have a track listing? it doesn't show up on itunes. great great blog!

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eso eso el track list chabón...sino queres que te de Bomber.

Anonymous said...


A1 I Take It We're Through

A2 Bitter Sweet Love

A3 How Is It Done

A4 Jump

A5 It's Never Too Late To Forgive

A6 Working Man

A7 Not A Great Talker

B1 Anytime

B2 Try To Realise

B3 Gonna Make You Mine

B4 Cry Cry Cry

B5 Gotta Be The First Time

B6 Nevertheless

B7 I Wanna Talk About My Baby

From a friend in Canada

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