V.A. - The Fenton Story

Bosshoss. Another from garagepunk.
Re upped fromo Choco.
30 killers - rare from 60s.



Anonymous said...

loco solamente queria agradecerte por toda esta musica q descubri cuando encontre el blog buscando una nueva alternativa . encontre lo q tanto busque como un amante del rock , blues asi tambien el punk en esta musica encontre al hijo del y al padre del y bueno mi vida no volvera a ser la misma . gracias

Anonymous said...

Ditto on this comp. See my comments under 2131 South Michigan Ave.I've had this one for a while.Yes,yes, it is a killer comp.You music bloggers need this.You were a 60's kid like me ..yup it's a must.Regards,John.

The Bomber said...

Gracias viejo, me alegro que sea de tu agrado mi humilde coleccion.

John; great to hear from you, yes read your comments 5 mins ago, as you said.. a must!
The blogatmosphere needs more of the good n old musiq !
Well...thats why im here...

hotrodmike said...

Yep, I'm a kid of the 60's and just love hearing stuff I never heard before.The Fenton story is really amazing.Thanks a ton for the incredible posts.Mike

The Bomber said...

Hi there Mike!being a 60s kid you know what I mean yeah !
Thanksxyourkindwords ;)

hotrodmike said...

You do an incredible job and I've heard so much stuff I missed from back then.I just love discovering new (to me)stuff. Many thanks!

voicesgreenandpurple said...

This is FANTASTIC!!!!
How many cool bands from Michigan, wow! And many of the very best, in fact there are a lot of old favourites here, previously on Back from the Grave and other comps.
This is just part 1, though, hope you can post the other half!