The E-Types: I remember when I loved her (ep,singles)


In the mid-'60s, this group from Salinas, CA, (near San Jose) played a pleasant blend of British Invasion-inspired pop/rock and a touch of garage. With prominent keyboards, three-part harmonies, and original material with minor-keyed shifts, they sounded something like a mix between the Zombies and the Turtles. Very popular within their (pretty limited) stomping grounds, they made no impact whatsoever on a national level, issuing four singles on small labels (most of them with producer Ed Cobb, who also handled the Standells and the Chocolate Watch Band). Certainly they were a promising outfit, capable of offering strong original material (most of which, oddly, was penned by a friend who wasn't in the band, Larry Hosford). They didn't have enough time to convert that promise into truly significant work, however. They disbanded in 1967, when their carefully executed pop/rock was falling out of fashion in California, in favor of psychedelia.



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Password: mza-garage

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spoiled i am! yes, i never knew about this ep ... wow! great. thank-you. thank-you.

henry said...

thank you for the notes you include on the music. it offers an education for anyone interested in this time and this type of music. i did not know the band broke up in 1967 (i would have thought it was later than that, but had no way to know before reading these notes...) .... take care and keep up the great work on your site.

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Wow. More than I have ever expected the E-types produced. Thank you for this good surprise :) !

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thanks so much for sharing, your blog is a pretty cool time machine

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keep on the good work!

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hey, i got it, it is the same password as the the other e-types post


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