The Shadows: Early Years (1959-66, Surf Rock, Instrumental & Beat, from the 6 Cd Box, Part 2-3)


Originally Cliff Richard's backing band, the British quartet the Shadows began recording on their own in 1960 and had a major hit with the instrumental "Apache." They were built around guitarists Hank Marvin and Bruce Welch, with an ever-changing rhythm section (Terry "Jet" Harris and Tony Meehan, the original bassist and drummer, were the most famous, and went on to success on their own in the early '60s); originally dubbed "the Drifters," they adopted their more famous moniker during their first tour with Richard to avoid confusion with the popular American R&B group of the same name. Often erroneously thought of as England's answer to the Ventures, the Shadows' sound was polished, crisp, clean, and metallic, making up for its inherent sterility and lack of soul thanks to a knack for drawing out melodies in their most haunting form; their biggest hit was "Apache," but they also scored with smash singles including 1960's "Man of Mystery" and 1961's "Kon-Tiki." By 1962, both Harris and Meehan had exited, and the remaining duo of Marvin and Welch continued backing Richard in his many film roles, adopting a distinctively exaggerated brand of choreography widely imitated by other guitar-based groups of the era.


What's most astonishing, however, is the fact that the Shadows produced consistently high-quality material, moving beyond the twang to dip their feet in the waters of Spain ("Tres Carabeles") and even some early music ("Lute Number"). Quite how they found the time for it all while keeping up a busy schedule behind Cliff Richard is another matter. Marvin's guitar work is a joy throughout, and the British king of the whammy bar uses it wisely and well. He might not have been the fastest or most fluent player around, but he knew how to work and develop a melody and what not to play -- no wonder he was a major influence on an entire generation of guitar heroes, who learned to play by copying his records.

Superb instrumental album, some classic rock and beat-surf and more. Yes not precisly raw or fast garage, but ah this band was essential for the surf rock scene. This album contains the songs (in the order of the Complete Box) from 22 til 40, so you have aprox 45 minutes of pure excitment ejej... Dig this one, a classic.
This is a quiet-one, easy listening, some music, perhaps to relax, have a Jacky Daniels with a cigar, drinking some Absolut, or just driving at the beach. Yeah.

LINK: 36-24-36


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Brandonio! said...

I dig it. defintinly a great band who spawned many future musicians for whom this site tips it's hat to.

rickdog said...

Video Hank Marvin and The Shadows Apache (1960) - ghostly, shadowy, eerie. love the ending when the fag gets snuffed with a shoe.



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Hola, camarada, saudaciones de São Paulo-cidade-punk, Brasil. Mucho me agrada tu sitio. Gostaría de hacer el download del primer disco de los Wailers, The Original Golden Crest Masters, pero el link ha expirado. Could you re-up that? Obrigado.

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You have a great music blog here! I've added you to my custom search, check it out.

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Thanks Brandonio and R Dog for your comments, i ll check your site great stuff there, saw it a little but ill defenitily read it better.
Henrique...i ll re post later those links, the trouble is that i ve already deleted all my rips from the computer, cause not much space in the hardisk, so...be patient please, i haveto rip the cd/lp again (zip first or rar) in order to upload it again yes ?
Ultra rare stuff coming through... check later for a lost treasure here... you ll be surprised... yea...

mar said...

Cliff Richard en sus años mozos...me gusta a mi este, tanto con los Shadows hasta cuando se puso en plan discotequero-moñas con aquel Devil woman, es grande, hoy me llevo este socio, un abrazo ;)

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Me encabtan los Shadows!!!

Muchas gracias


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Thanks! Gonna dig it..

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Great post and great blog, thanks very very much

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surf safe !

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The Link Is Dead
But I find other links or all 6 CDs
Aqui son nuevo links
CD 1
CD 2
CD 3
CD 4
CD 5
CD 6


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Yijaey! thanx

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denada yun abrazode Alemania