The Easybeats: Who`ll be the one Ep (2nd ep,early singles)

Los Easybeats ya son un fenómeno imparable en las antipodas y editan su primer LP llamado Easy, un buen album en el cual se nota su influencia por el beat británico, en este LP destacariamos canciones como la propia "She's so Fine", la estupenda balada "Girl on my Mind" y el tema compuesto por Snowy "I'm Gonna Tell Everybody". Durante 1965 y 1966 el grupo editan un exito tras otro: "Wedding Ring", "Sad and Lonely and Blue", "Women", "Come and See Her", "I'll Make You Happy", "Sorry", etc..., también editan los LP's It's 2 Easy y Volume 3 (por Souto)

LINK: DO YOU HAVE A SOUL ???(so, please leave comments!!!)


Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...


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Thanks for these easybeats E.P.s Pablo.

They are very interesting for an old Easybeats fan that had all of the Australian singles and E.P.s but stupidly got rid of them when all the tracks appeared on the Repertoire cd's.

Melbourne, Australia

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the wonderful albums you have posted. I really enjoyed listening to the Easybeats and reading your research material on the band.

Anonymous said...

Another belated thanks from me for these rare EPs. I was a 'hostel boy' like the Easybeats. They were at Villawood, I was at East Hills and sometimes they came to practice at the East Hills hostel before they were famous. They became HUGE here in Australia before their international succes.
"Easyfever" rivalled "Beatlemania" at its peak!

Thanks again Pablo

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Thanks for all!

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waw5114 said...

Where is the download link I can't find it.

waw5114 said...

It only goes to upload page with no download links?
I don't understand it.

The Bomber said...

Hi there...thats cause the link is dead...ill try to re post it later

Stay in tune!

waw5114 said...

OK I thought I was doing something wrong.
I found the song I wanted anyway
"Women (Make You Feel Alright)"
one of my favorites.