The Finders Keepers: Stained Glass Sun (1967,Merseybeat)

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In late 1967, Ian Lees came aboard as a singer, Kent choosing to jump ship and join Light Fantastic, while Mel Galley took over on lead guitar, though Alan Clee stayed on as well. In 1968, another series of personnel changes took place, as bassist Glenn Hughes and drummer Dave Holland joined, and guitarist/keyboard player Terry Rowley and vocalist and trumpet man John Jones came over from the Montanas. It had dawned on more than one of the members that the Finders Keepers name and sound were probably outmoded, and more of a liability than anything else by late 1968 -- the band regrouped soon after with a much harder sound under the name Trapeze.

Produced and written by Jerry Fuller and engineered by Bruce Botnick, an unknown Californian act, reputedly in the harmony pop vein. Fuller also worked with Don and The Goodtimes and later produced the Butts Band, the group formed by Krieger and Densmore after the demise of The Doors (whose records were all engineered by Botnick).

Nice songs, good harmonies, some sweet beat mixed with some attempts of garage. Not one of my favourites, but I think there will be a couple who may find this one quite interesting.


Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...


Anonymous said...

Nothing personal but your write up makes no sense. This is definitely
not an English group with the future members of Trapeze.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disagree, Trapeze were formed from members of The Finders Keepers & The Montanas in Wolverhampton in the late sixties. I saw both bands perform many times

Laurie said...

I agree with a previous post. The Finders Keepers featured on Stained Glass Sun were formed in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, South Africa. There was ANOTHER group formed in England that was also, briefly, called Finders Keepers who released a few singles on CBS Records, none of which is included on the Stained Glass Sun CD. Some
members of THIS Finders Keepers would later become part of Deep Purple.


callmekc said...

Thank you so much for this! "Orient Green" is some kind of bizarre classic.

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