V.A.: English Freakbeat Vol.4 (on lp: 1989, on cd: 1997)

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Lets try something different here, tell me which are your favourite songs/artist in this compilation, perhaps some info about the bands, something to say about this album, let`s try to write a review of this album (you are invited to write about Vol 1&2 too!).What do you like most? the best song?artist?I think it`ll be interesting to hear more from you,yes?.Dig it.



Pablo "Pochola" Cazorla said...


Anonymous said...

merci superbes compilations que ces " English Freakbeat "
merci j'attends la suite avec impatience

rickdog said...

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Anonymous said...


Una gran compilacion.


Anonymous said...

Nice site & nice comps!
Keep on like that.
And good idea to share them on this Duckylink, it's better than Rapidshre.
Thank you!
El Barto

theelongplayer said...

I don't know if I said it before, but this is a great blog! Thank you so much!

pupi said...

Hola amigo,
solo dcirte que con tu blog llenas de ritmo y color la vida de mucha gente grasias. ya te diré mi opinion sobre este compilata. saudos

pupi said...

Hola amigo, here´s pupi again. Just to give u an opinion about this new collection you r offering us... well I dont know wich is my favorite but I can say something listening to this songs: I can hear the germ of what was going to be the music of the future. May be the first is one of my favorites, thoses changes major to minor... I dont know ,Is just a bomb like this song from the heralds "troubles" I just love it. Its too risky to say this is my faorite but... i´m getting "pesao"...Gracias amigo

AMP said...

your blog makes me so full of happy!

fieldsofposies said...

I love this compilation! The first track is probably my favorite. Who are the artists, all were labeled as various artists and I'm super curious who they all were.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I liked Crawdaddy Simone the best.

English Freakbeat ~ Vol. 4

1. Security ~ Thane Russal & Three
2. You'll Never Do It Baby ~ Cops & Robbers
3. I've Found Out ~ Cops & Robbers
4. She Ain't No Good ~ The Clique
5. Things She Says ~ The In Crowd
6. Forget It ~ Mal Ryder and the Spirits
7. Ding Dong ~ The Snobs
8. Baby, What You Want Me to Do ~
The Sons of Fred
9. Sweet Love ~ The Sons of Fred
10. I'll Be There ~ The Sons of Fred
11. Don't Break It Up ~ Soul Agents
12. Mean Woman Blues ~ Soul Agents
13. I Just Wanna Make Love to You ~ Soul Agents
14. Crawdaddy Simone ~ The Syndicats
15. She's Too Way Out ~ Tony Dangerfield
16. Call My Name ~ The Wheels
17. Reelin' and Rockin' ~
Mickey Finn and the Blue Men
18. Oh Yeah ~ The Others
19. Johnny Noooooo!!! ~ The Primitives
20. Dimples ~ Shorty & Them
21. Too Much Monkey Business ~ 4 Degrees
22. I've Got My Brand on You ~ 4 Degrees
23. Pretty Thing ~ Stovepipe No. 4
24. Pretty Thing ~ Stovepipe No. 4

Andy Rampage said...

AAhhhh Pablo, perhapps you could 'help ME' mate!!
I have been after MORE tracks from: Thane Russal & Three for A 'Good' many MANY YEARS NOW!!! ~Ever since i bought an Lp. (YES! an Lp.!!) Called: "TWISTED PSYCHOTIC TEENAGE FUZZ-BUSTERS"!!... and when i first heard this track Of his, The ONLY thought in my head;"I must find MORE from this Guy!!!" - WHENEVER I hear it, ..it has been The Same everytime since!!
errr, as i sed brother this was: "A long LONG Time ago!"... anyways, I have still been SEARCHING for MORE Tracks from this bloke!! ..'If for 'Nothing ELSE just TO SEE for Myself 'If they (ANY Of THEM!!) are as "STRONG" as this ONE! ..'THINK' that YOU could: "help-me-Out" mate??

Andy Rampage said...

Sorry mate. i would have SENT Ya a message .. Instead Of 'Jammin' this upo EHER with this!! .. but alas .. I'm 'Still a-little to *NEW* at this!!

Lost In Cyberspace said...

The link to Vol4 appears to be dead. any chance of fixing this?

Andy Rampage said...

Pablito! is there 'ANY CHANCE' Of a RE-UP Of this ONE? I seem to have mis-placed mine!!