The Panthers & The Friends - Swedish rock history vol. 3

(cover kindly served by Per Olov)

The Friends

One of the many Scandinavian bands who took their inspiration from the Pretty Things in the mid-'60s. Little is known of this Swedish group, who released a few singles in 1965 and 1966. Their frenetic rock/R&B (sung entirely in English) was heavy on the snarling and somewhat accented vocals, accelerated tempos, and undisciplined guitar leads, and their recorded repertoire was mostly original.

01 - He's In Town

02 - Joe McCartney

03 - I't Necessarily So

04 - Empty Handed

05 - Git It

06 - Talkin' About You

07 - Talkin' About You

08 - Bye Bye

09 - Spring Of Love

1 - 6 Sgs

7 - 9 unreleased

The Phanters

10 - Just Walking In The Rain

11 - Corrine Corrina

12 - Hey Woman

13 - Let Me Tell You

14 - Girl I Love You

15 - I'll Be Pleased

16 - Baby

17 - I Just Want To Make Love You

18 - Very Last Day

19 - Don't You Know Why

20 - Half Way To Paradise

21 - I Wanna Be Your Man

22 - Hi-Heel Sneakers

23 - Bad Blues

24 - Come Back To Me

25 - I'm The Best

26 - In The Mood

27 - Dreams Of Spring

28 - Trocadero

10 - 20 Sgs

21 - 22 Live

23 - 28 unreleased

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The Bomber said...


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Pedro from Argentina said...

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yeah, this rocks. thanks jancy & pablo!!!

Woody Dream said...

Thankx mr. jancy & mr. pablo for this fantastic post.

Nils said...

I love that you are doing this! Nearly all of your uploads would be impossible to find otherwise!
/indebted thanks from Sweden

Esmenard Victor said...

Well, well, needless to say, I appreciated the post very much. But isn't there an error in the list of the tracks ?

For me, it appears that a track has been forgotten between "I'm the Best" and "In The Mood". Any chance to get the title of the song ?

Anyway, lots of great songs here, thank you very much :)

The Bomber said...

Yes I have the same doubt Esmenard, Jancy need to tell us about it perhaps!

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Per Olov said...

Thanks Bomber!

The Friends we're from Stockholm Sweden!

Anders T Peedu (singer)
Roger Skogsberg (guitar)
Staffan Kimbro (bass)
Tomas Skogsberg (drummer)

They we're a rhythm 'n' blues group. They came in second place in a competion at Kingside, there they choose Swedens Rolling Stones.

You could also read about their young drummer, twelve year old Tomas Skogsberg. He wasn't allowed to play after eight in the evening.

They also did some kind of striptease on stage. Many musicians have named The Friends as one of the better Swedish groups.

The Bomber said...

oh thats interesting dear!
thanks for the info Per Olov!

Per Olov said...

You're welcome Bomber!

And thanks for all your postings and hard work. My special interest are Swedish rock history, that's the reason I know some thing, and I want to share that information with the rest of you. Here are a link to some more information about Friends and some othyer Swedish bands. Here is the link and there's also a picture of Friends: http://60spunk.m78.com/swedishbands.html

The Bomber said...

again,...thanks for the link, rare to find someone like you! ;)
I do have some stuff of the Cons Combos that were here in Argentina too! did you know that right? an interesting story, got their original lp thats called "los fabulosos suecos" (translate the wonderful swedish) nice beat rock.

Per Olov said...

Hi Bomber!

No, I didn't know that the Cons Combos were in Argentina ás well, and released a record there. I haven't heard much with Cons Combos. I first heard the Friends and Panthers on Swedish radio in the early 1980's and after that I have been interested in Swedish garage and beat music from the 60's as well as garage bands from all over the world. I have a book about Swedish rock and pop from 1959-1969. My favourite Swedish bands from this era we're The Frinds, The Namelosers, Lea Riders Group, The T-Boones, Sooner Or Later (they even played in hamburg, at the Star Club), The Panthers, The Shakers, The Shakemakers, Bootjacks and Lee Kings. There's a very good record with this groups called "Searchin for shakes". That record are all ready posted at: http://swedish60s.blogspot.com/2008/10/02.html