The Panthers

This is the cover of the album 64-66(?), anyone can say something about the guys.(more info, pictures & more)

The Panthers were one of several Swedish groups in the mid-'60s who recorded fairly often without establishing much of a personality. Merseybeat, R&B, folk music, bad pop ballads, Ventures/Shadows-like instrumentals -- all were fair game. They did write much of their own material, and released at least half a dozen singles in the mid-'60s. But they're not worth paying attention to unless you've got a yen for documenting generic Continental rock of the era. (allmusic)

Garageland records
Ok, anybody out there has the album or more stuff of the guys??
Im trying to get togheter more.
Anyone that wants to share with the rest of us? I wont get mad ;)


Anonymous said...


anyonesdaughter said...

i already got the namelosers thingy, but many thanks for this one!!! cant wait for the link ;)

anonymous: are you really sure that those guys named themselves after the tank-model? i am not...

beaylosdalton said...

Hola Pablo, Tengo un lp editado por garageland records referencia. bf 606, grabadp en mono y editado en 1985. Actualmente no dispongo de un programa para ripear vinilos, es algo que no he hecho nunca, pero te prometo que lo intentaré en unos días. Cuando lo tenga te enviaré un mail o un comentario en el blog . Un saludo

Por cierto la foto de la portada del lp es la misma que presentas en el blog.

The Bomber said...

Also agree Sarah that the Panther tiger from the Panzer s division didnt influence the band s name.

I only have a couple of songs to share. Lets hope our friend beaylosdalton can share his vinil with us! :-)

Beaylosdalton, si viejo ese el vinilo que me refiero yo, estaria muy bueno que lo puedas compartir con nosotros! Pedazote de joyita tenes en manos! O si podes mejorar las caratulas enviando fotos o scaneos, muchas gracias anticipadas.


CGR-Again said...

ChrisGoesRock: My new blog: http://cgragain.blogspot.com/ //ChrisGoesRock

The Bomber said...


anyonesdaughter said...

oh poor chris... why does this happen all the time?

many thanks pablo, your stuff is greatly appreciated as always.
and thanks for linking my blog, i get four times as many visitors now!

u rock!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pablo,

i have 18 tracks from The Panthers.
After upload i send adresse to you.


anyonesdaughter said...

good to see youre still alive, jancy!

weisst du was von wings of dream? habe gegooglet und nichts rausgefunden...

liebe grüße,

The Bomber said...

Hi there dear Jancy!
Ok, send em to me at
thanks in advance ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pablo,

>> mailbox !!!
The Friends & The Panthers


Anonymous said...

The Friends and Lea Riders Group are awsome. The Panthers were volume 3 of the same series "swedish rock history"

The Bomber said...

got it ! ! !

thanks Jancy :)

Verysixty said...

Please share the Panthers !!
thank you Jancy and Bomber!

bostig said...

Please share the Panthers,

thanks in advance