The Motions - Impressions of wonderful (1965/67)

A pretty typical Dutch "beat" group of the 1960s, the Motions were pretty popular in their native land, releasing seven albums and over 27 singles in their eight-year career. Far from the best Dutch group, and far from the worst, most of their hits were fairly ordinary fare, ranging from dippy folkish ballads to tough mod rockers. Their best cut is the positively ferocious mod stomper "Everything That's Mine" (1966), with a searing feedback break worthy of the early Who. They're really most remembered for their lead guitarist and songwriter, Robby van Leeuwen, who left in 1967 to form Shocking Blue, and penned that group's international smash, "Venus."
Ouh the guys were soooou goo-u-d.
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Coming soon, some of the Panthers and Namelosers ;)


anyonesdaughter said...

damn, this looks fiiiine!! :)
im really looking forward to the post on the namelosers, my swedish super heroes!!!

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Javier said...

Gracias amigo. The Motions, un lujazo de gupo, una vez más aquí en este pedasooooo blog!
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Jeff said...

Some good songs from this collection of The Motions.

Among the avoidable tracks is # 6. That was Robbie Van Leeuven's original version of "Who Will Save My Soul?" which he remade with Mariska Veres as the lead signer 7 years later with Shocking Blue. The second version was much better on many levels.