Fabulous Sounds from Southern Sweden, The Namelosers

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This was originally served by Maxi, applauses for him.


The Bomber said...


...served by Maxi...(feb 22, 2008)

YankeeBoy said...

There is a great documentary on the Namelosers that shows some vintage footage from when they opened for the Rolling Stones in Sweden and from more recent times. Well worth seeing - unfortunately I don't remember the title.

The Bomber said...

I ll keep an eye for it !

Anonymous said...

The movie is "Rolling Like a Stone". Fantastic film about the now older Namelosers refecting on their youth and brush with fame touring with the Stones in 1965. Sobering, amusing and ultimately lifting. Its worth a look for the old footage alone. Here is a link to the NY Times review when it ran in NYC. Cheers!