V.A. - Psychedelic Microdots, Vol. 2: Texas Twisted

Easily a 13th Floor elevators album, but no way, we also have here The Changing Times, Southwest FOB, The Living End & the Menerals, ouh yeah!
Great, just great comp, a 5 star one, here you have a fast raw beat, psych in minor dose, garageeer tunes (aggrr) and a lovely set perfomed by Roky & co.
Nice Love cover by the Menerals.Who is it doing this doing that duitikitiduitikiditi ? ? ?
I thought that it was an electric bass doing that all the time!
Going like crazy! (Ron Chapman)
...maybe I can make music with this thing...(Tommy Hall)


The Bomber said...

Passw: bomber-blog.blogspot.com


lets go, dude!

AC.70 said...

my eyes glazed over when i first found your site,3 hours later im still finding hot shit. you sir are a star.
any chance of a new link to this monster.

The Bomber said...

hi there ac, the link its active and working fine..perhaps if you recieve a message that says that its temporarly unavailable, you must wait cause all the servers are bussy

let me know

AC.70 said...

was just about to say i should open my eyes a little more.Just finished unpacking it.You have made my month Thank you

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